About CampusParc Corporate

About CampusParc Corporate

The corporate entity of CampusParc, located in offices in the Short North, oversees the parking concession with The Ohio State University.

Commonly referred to as the concessionaire, our role is to ensure the university’s parking assets are well maintained, the required services are provided in a way that meets—and ideally exceeds—the concession agreement terms, stakeholders are engaged and informed, risk is managed, and the investment is maximized.

Questions about permits, citations, or event parking?

Responsibility for operations of the university parking system resides in offices at South Campus Gateway. Questions regarding operations should be directed to the CampusParc Customer Service Center.

Contact CampusParc Corporate

CampusParc Corporate Office
629 N. High St. Suite 200
Columbus, OH 43215

Main 614.816.2420

Garage parking can be found on Russell Street, behind our offices.

Questions regarding permits, citations, or event parking should be directed to the CampusParc Customer Service Center.

Corporate Staff

Sarah Blouch
President and Chief Executive Officer
Direct 614.816.2420 x102 

Valerie Patel
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Media Inquiries

David Hoover
Corporate Communications Director
Direct   614-816-2420 ext. 104
Mobile  614-370-4132

About the Parking Concession

An agreement was entered into with Ohio State in June 2012 that provided CampusParc the right to operate the university’s parking system for 50 years. This agreement is commonly referred to as a concession agreement.

The university was paid $483 million up front for the parking lease. Over the 50-year life of the lease, income from the payment is expected to generate $3.1 billion to support university academic initiatives, such as hiring faculty, providing more student scholarships, and supporting the arts and humanities.

Ohio State’s parking assets include 16 garages and 196 surface lots, comprising approximately 36,600 spaces (which varies from time to time due to ADA requirements and campus construction).

The university retains the rights to all final decisions related to parking policy, including permit eligibility, rates, and parking additions and reductions. Our role is to operate the parking system and maintain all parking assets, including equipment, parking lots, and garages, to a specified minimum standard defined by the university.

Concession Agreement

Parking Concession FAQ

A concession agreement is a negotiated contract between a private company (in this case, CampusParc) and a governmental entity (in this case, The Ohio State University). The contract allows the private company the right to operate a specific business (in this case, the parking system) within the government entity’s jurisdiction, subject to specific terms and conditions, for a specified period of time (in this case, 50 years). 

A concession agreement between Ohio State and CampusParc regulates parking rates, operating standards, and maintenance of all parking assets.

CampusParc provides a Customer Service Center to respond to customer needs. They can be contacted by phone (614.688.0000), by email (osuinfo@campusparc.com), or in person at 1560 North High Street in the Gateway Plaza.

The Ohio State University defined the details in the concession agreement, and any deviation from that agreement requires approval from both the university and CampusParc. For example, new parking permits cannot be introduced or existing permits eliminated without university approval; approval of who can get what type of parking permit is set by the university; and rate changes beyond those outlined in the concession agreement cannot be introduced without university approval. Exceptions to the rules cannot be made without university approval. 

CampusParc has a 50-year lease with The Ohio State University to operate the university’s parking assets (such as garages and surface lots). These assets remain university property, but the right to operate the system and the responsibility for maintaining the system is transferred to CampusParc. 

CampusParc was formed by QIC for the purpose of investing in and managing parking concessions. QIC, based in Australia, invests the pension funds of state employees in the state of Queensland, and is one of the largest institutional investment managers in the world. CampusParc is the concessionaire of The Ohio State University parking system. 

CampusParc is the concessionaire and is responsible for the oversight of the parking assets, including the maintenance and operation for the parking facilities. CampusParc has contracted with LAZ Parking, a professional parking operator, for the day-to-day operation of the parking system. At Ohio State, LAZ Parking works under the brand of CampusParc. 

Both parking permit and transient daily rate annual increases are defined by theconcession agreement for the life of the lease.