Volunteering with CampusParc

It takes a lot of help to smoothly park more than 105,000 Buckeye fans every game day. Did you know that CampusParc recruits about 300 staff to work each home football game?

To help with this, we enlist volunteer groups to fundraise for their organizations by assisting with parking on game days.

Volunteer FAQ

UPDATE: We are currently full and unable to add any further fundraising groups to our roster for the 2017-18 academic year. Opportunities for the 2018-19 academic year will be communicated to interested groups in the summer months prior to the start of classes.

First, fill out and submit the Volunteer Group Information form at the bottom of this page to notify CampusParc that your group is interested in working events. Your group will need to submit the name of a single member, preferably an officer, to coordinate with event management. 

Then, beginning tentatively in July, we will contact group leaders from all interested groups to begin the football scheduling process. At this point, we will take requests for which games and shifts your group would like to work.

Beware! All shifts for the season will likely fill, and they typically fill shortly after the scheduling window opens. (Early-season games tend to fill first.) We recommend reaching out to group members prior to July to gauge their interest and availability so you are ready to schedule as soon as you receive the email from us.

Most event staff will be cashiers. You will wear a flattering reflective vest and an apron, and sell parking tickets to customers as they arrive to campus for the game. Some other staff will be parking attendants who will simply direct cars into parking spaces. (Don’t worry. If you’re an attendant, you still get to wear the flattering vest.)

All staff will work outside, so wearing comfortable shoes is a must. We also highly recommend keeping a close eye on the weather forecast prior to game day to ensure you are adequately prepared for working in the elements. 

All staff members who work during an OSU home football game are granted free admission to the game after their duties for the shift are complete. Sadly, we have not been granted free access to other events, including events at the Schottenstein Center and non-football Ohio Stadium events.

Set your alarms. Report time for most games will be 5 a.m. Yes, we know how early that is, but fans begin to arrive at that time, if not before, to begin tailgating. For late games, we typically add a second shift, which reports in the afternoon. We will pass along shift times in our July scheduling announcement email.

Unfortunately, we are not able to adjust shift times to meet individual group needs. 

We want to give as many groups as possible a chance to fundraise with us. To do so, we are tentatively limiting groups to a maximum of 18 total volunteers for the season and 6 volunteers per game.

So you didn’t find out about us until after we filled all openings for the season. Bummer! But there’s still hope. It is not uncommon for groups to lose one or more of their scheduled members, or drop out completely, prior to game day. If this occurs, we will reach out to all waitlisted groups to fill any open positions, which will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. 

There aren’t many events on campus quite as large as a home football game. Most of our events only require a small fraction of the staff we need for a football game, and we can fully staff those with our own employees.

However, there may be a handful of events in which we need additional help. We will reach out to all groups on a per-event basis if these opportunities arise.

The hourly pay rate for all CampusParc volunteers is $9 per hour. Paychecks will be made out to the group and will contain payment for the group’s total hours for the event.

Each group must submit a completed W9 form prior to working their first event.

Any groups not directly affiliated with OSU must also submit a certificate of insurance. Click here for our requirements.

Completed forms may be submitted via the form at the bottom of this page or later via email to event management.

Great! Please fill out the submission form below. Event management will add you to our distribution list and contact you soon with further details. See you this fall!

Volunteer Group Information
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