Upgrade/Downgrade Program

Permit class is assigned to faculty and staff by the university based on employment classification. Faculty and Administrative & Professional appointments are limited to the A permit class. Classified Civil Service Staff are limited to the B permit class. In an effort to provide flexibility, CampusParc provides a process during the annual permit renewal period to request an upgrade or downgrade in permit eligibility. Customers must request desired upgrades/downgrades on an annual basis.

Please note:

  • Upgrade requests are limited to an A permit only.
  • Downgrade requests are limited to a B permit only.
  • Upgrades and downgrades are awarded at random.
  • The number of upgrades and downgrades awarded each year varies, depending on request volume; unfortunately, CampusParc cannot guarantee that all requests will be approved. 

Customers may join the upgrade/downgrade list during the month of May. The process to join the upgrade/downgrade list is the same as joining a permit waitlist; customers can simply log in to their account and click on Add/Edit Waitlists. Customers will be notified via email whether or not their request has been approved.